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A person with a high sex drive is satisfied with sex. It’s not about a fix for something; when their partner says “NO” it doesn’t make them go off the handle thinking their partner is totally rejecting them and have to leave the house or act out in some other way. If you can relate to the latter, chances are there may be an addiction issue.


What is masturbation?

It is rubbing your genitals – in your case, your penis – for sexual pleasure. Most men masturbate and, despite what they might say, so do many women. It’s perfectly normal. After all, our genitals are part of our bodies and pretty important to our future relationships so it would be surprising if we weren’t just a little curious about them.

Trying masturbating with your partner is a really good way to show each other what you like.


No. This usually is the first sexual behavior many of us will have on a repeated basis. This is usually where the sexual compulsion starts and this behavior, regardless of other acquired behaviors, usually stays active. This behavior usually starts early in adolescence while the brain is still developing.


Is it OK to use pornography when you masturbate?

When you’re a teenager looking at porn is part of a normal curiosity but using it when you’re older depends on your view of the politics of porn.

It’s true that many women enjoy pornography aimed at heterosexual men including even some of the women who appear in it. But as with prostitution this is not always the case and there is a lot of abuse of women in the porn industry. The problem is is that by definition, pornography exploits women by treating them as objects for sexual pleasure. Because you can’t avoid that, you’re probably better off skipping pornography if you can when masturbating as it may affect your attitudes to women and spoil your relationships with them.


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