I’m just starting out as a blogger (after years of percolating…) and Bazura’s blog answered all my most pressing questions regarding my sexuality and womanhood. She even answered questions I hadn’t articulated yet, things that were just kind of swirling around and keeping me frozen. As soon as I was done reading her blogs, I jotted down a bunch of ideas. I feel so much more focused, I know where I need to improve—and how to improve!—and she also confirmed what I’m doing right, so that’s a really encouraging mix.

Denise Berger


Bazura was an absolute pleasure to work with. She provided clear and concise insights into the world of sex, offering invaluable knowledge, specifically pertaining to my sexuality as a woman and how to be comfortable with it. Bazura’s professionalism was absolutely refreshing. Talking with Bazura is a no-brainer for anyone looking for sex advice.

Charity Labe


We feel like we’ve been stumbling around in the dark for too long and your advice feels like someone turned on a light in the distance to give us a direction in our sex lives. The feeling is one of liberation. Thank you for all you’ve done to free up a block that has been existing in my mind for far too long. We have a direction and are charging forward with new sex mentality.

Betsy Talbot


Bazura opened her arms figuratively, and changed my life. I am much more comfortable with my sexuality now.

Jeanne Bowerman


Bazura has strong opinions and ideas about what you should be doing and what you should be thinking when it comes to your sexuality. You may or may not agree with all she says, but she is on top of everything that’s happening today, and she does a brilliant job of sharing all her knowledge and experience with those of us struggling to figure it all out. Her posts are not to be missed.

Becky Levine