Do you want to change your intimate routine a bit? Stimulate the prostate, a massage that causes ecstasy, well masturbate. Here are some tips to lead your partner to ecstasy only with your hands by Cumming/milking with a prostate massager.

Reaching orgasm with masturbation

Obviously masturbation is one of the little pleasures you can offer to your partner through your hands. But still it is necessary to know correctly how to do it and to know what are the gestures that will make him reach orgasm.

Take the drum full, a greedy and fervent hand, hold the penis vertically, gently pulls the skin down, says sexologist. Make a sleeve with your hand or a ring with your finger and slide your hand up and down. The movement must be slow at first, then, the more your partner reacts, the more his pleasure increases in power and the more the movement must be accelerated to reach ecstasy.

To know how to stimulate the “clitoris” of the man

The clitoris is the only organ entirely dedicated to pleasure. If it is not his first function, the brake of the penis on the penis may be similar to the clitoris in terms of pleasure procured. This small net stretched under the penis is filled with nerve endings that make it sensitive. To know how to stimulate it, you have to trust your nimble fingers.

In practice: Roll up the foreskin to reveal the brakes of the glans. Lubricate your fingers and put them on the net by performing gentle movements from top to bottom or mini circles as for a clitoris. Sensitivity caused should bring pleasure and pain and lead the partner to intense ecstasy. By linking with a movement of masturbation all over the penis you are almost sure to make it reach the seventh heaven.

Make him reach prostatic ecstasy

If the anal pleasure in women remains taboo, it is even more in the heterosexual man. However, according to the sexologist, prostatic orgasm also called point P is a source of incredible pleasure. It involves stimulating with a finger the prostate gland that is 7 cm across the rectum.

Thoroughly lubricate the area before introduction. Carefully stroke the area around the perineum and anus with your finger and slowly insert it into the rectum to the prostate. Fold and gently unfold the finger without moving back and forth. Unlike external penis orgasm, P-point stimulation provides deeper and more intense ecstasy. For more information on wide varieties of prostate massager to choose from, go here.

The caresses in the folds of the skin

If men have an image less “blue flower” and emotional vis-à-vis sexuality, it does not mean that they do not need a little sweetness. The caresses do not trigger an orgasm, but they participate to a large extent. If there is a particularly erogenous zone in men, according to the doctor sexologist, it is the folds.

In practice: creases of the elbows, folds of the wrists, folds behind the knees, folds under the buttocks. These are areas where the skin is thin and it represents a very sensitive area that will provide pleasure and excitement to your partner. Passing a hand furtively behind the fold of his knees, for example, should elicit a reaction of pleasure. Insist with a few fingers dancing on the skin to titillate before scratching slightly for a bestial aspect that should also please him.

How to practice an orgasmic massage?

The difference between an orgasmic massage and masturbation is characterized by a more intense power for the first. It stimulates a larger part of the body and does not focus solely on the genitals. The pleasure rises gently, but intensely and when the caresses come on the penis, orgasm is not waiting and pleasures either.

Lying between the legs of his partner and extend his arms along his belly. Bring your hands gently to the penis and spread your legs. With the thumbs, gently massage the testicles and the anus with slow movements. Start a soft, but firm masturbation taking care to mark breaks times long enough to travel the rest of his body and create a slight frustration exquisite.

The prostate gland – is the male reproductive system unpaired organ, located in the anterolateral part of the small pelvis below the bladder and surrounds the urethra.

Prostate size depends on age. An adult male has an average size of 3 x 4 x 2 cm and a weight of around 16 to 30 years of weight and the volume is increased by 20 times compared to the same indicators in the newborn. After 45 – 50 years the glandular tissue of the prostate is gradually starting to be replaced by connective tissue, which is why it is reduced in size.

The main function of the prostate is the maintenance of sperm production (spermatogenesis), the transport of vas deferens, and ejaculation. In addition, prostate is involved in the formation of libido.

How to massage the prostate: tips

Prostate massage do chronic prostatitis when inflammation of the prostate gland of different origin. Chronic prostatitis may be due to a bacterial infection (bacterial prostatitis), allergic process (allergic prostatitis), disorders of the innervations of pelvic organs (chronic pelvic pain syndrome). Contribute to the formation of prostatitis Prostatitis: how to cope with pain   Prostatitis: how to deal with pain

Circulatory disorders of the art to sedentary lifestyle, smoking neuropsychiatric charges, intensive, long-term. Sometimes, unnoticed prostatitis can occur by the patient, in which case it is called asymptomatic.

In any case, apart from medical and other treatments necessarily named prostate massage – it is included in the basic methods of treatment of chronic prostatitis Treatment of chronic prostatitis – a problem not easy   Treatment of chronic prostatitis – a problem not easy

The main effect of prostate massage – is to improve blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. During the massage of irritated nerve endings located in the prostate, it causes a reflex dilation of the blood vessels and leads to the fact that the blood flows into the prostate gland, which improves the cancer of the power cells and the supply of the oxygen to them. This speeds up the metabolism of the prostate gland and reduces inflammation. Through dilated blood vessels in the prostate gland will come drugs, including antibiotics, which can reduce their dosage direct indication of prostate massage is unresponsive to antibiotic treatment.

Exchange of items and inflammation of tissues removed gently through better lymphatic drainage, the swelling of the prostate is removed and the patient’s condition improves.

Prostate massage to take his secret to study

Enlarged ways of prostate juice rises, with which eliminates bacteria. It is the prevention of stagnation of the prostate and acute inflammation. In chronic inflammation of the prostate gland infectious agents of bacterial origin can quickly lose sensitivity to antibiotics. In this case, the prostatic massage activates the bacteria and increases their sensitivity to antibiotics. Prostate massage also helps normalize muscle tone of the prostate and pelvic floor.

Gentle prostate massage can be performed at an adenoma benign prostate tumour, if combined with chronic prostatitis chronic prostatitis – every man should know his signs.

Prostate massage is acute anti-inflammation of the prostate – which can contribute to the spread of infection through the blood vessels to other organs. Any massage is contraindicated for prostate cancer – it stimulates the growth of a tumour. You cannot do this prostate massage if the prostate ducts are stones or cysts – a violation of fluid flow can cause rapid swelling of the prostate and a severe pain attack.

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