Previously, they were a protection against unlawful intercourse, today they are for many to sex: chastity belt. For men, the belts are also available in small or XL depending on the physical equipment. What they are good for and what man can do with it – That’s the way Male chastity lifestyle betrays it.

What is a Chastity Belt?

The chastity belt is also known as the Florentine Belt. It is used in sexual practices to prevent sexual intercourse. In the Middle Ages almost exclusively women have worn it to abstinence, today it is primarily a sex toy. Chastity belts for men are also available now – who is already familiar with power games in BDSM, for sure they are nothing new.

What Makes Sex with Chastity Cage or Belt so Special?

Good sex – that means not only as long as possible physical activity – pure and harsh. Male and female sexuality is much more subtle. Psychology – the head – plays an exceptionally important role. This is where the Sextoy Chastity Belt comes in. The chastity belt is for the ladies; in the men is the counterpart of the penis cage, which fulfills exactly the same function. It is important to be able to lengthen the prelude, to put the last goal of the Orgasm in the background.

But before using chastity cages, you should look for the perfect time to bring up the topic with your partner.

What’s Going on, in the Head, with a Chastity Belt?

The lust increases to the almost unbearable – and the chosen trusted partner is in control, has the key to the castle, the hoped-for luck. Not only in BDSM is this popular game. With a penis cage, a Florentine belt, one causes a partial withdrawal of self-control; the instrument prevents, very ingeniously, any intercourse—a way to curb excessive masturbation. Completing the purchase of a chastity belt as quickly as possible – What is there to pay attention to?

You can buy the chastity belt, the cage for the penis, of course, at Sextoy online retailer.  Chastity cage or chastity belt buy cheap – that applies, even at the mail order company, as well as on the sex platform. All three dealers ship quickly, neutrally and securely.

A chastity belt is great for bringing back some pepper into your sex life. No matter if you dream of doing extra hot fetish sex with your partner or if you just want something out of the ordinary for your foreplay – this belt is a good choice. With the help of a chastity belt you can improve your relationship and you get the full power over your partner and can make him as hot as never before! The belt prevents that he can get an orgasm. In this way, his desire will be so great that the enjoyment of taking off the belt into the device.

This guide will help you find the right chastity belt for you or your husband. No matter if you are just curious and beginner or if you already have experience in this field, good knowledge is to be obtained. Because if you want to buy a chastity belt, there are many things you should pay attention to. Here, for example, it is important to think about material, fit and, of course, the size. Whatever you choose – one thing is guaranteed and that is exciting games with your partner that you will never forget when the right belt is chosen. Whether you buy the belt together with your partner or just as an exciting surprise – this extra will change your sex life in any case and in the good sense!

What is a Chastity Belt?

The word chastity belt certainly brings to many people the idea of the men in the Renaissance who oppressed their wives and just left the door with the help of a chastity belt they missed.

But forget everything about it. Today, the chastity belt is more of a synonym for super exciting sex toys. A chastity belt will open the door to completely new dimensions in terms of fetish, dominance, and even self-improvement. You can use the belt both temporarily during foreplay and as an integral part of the whole act by prohibiting your partner from finding the proceeds.

The chastity belt makes it impossible to satisfy oneself, oral sex and intercourse in general. In this way, you can stimulate your partner a little differently until he is at the limit to explode by desire. In other words, His salvation is in your hands.

Most chastity belts consist of two parts: A cage and a ring. The ring is placed first behind the testicles. Thereafter, the penis cage is placed around the penis and securely closed with a padlock. Typically, this lock is made of plastic or metal and is of course supplied with a matching key. The one holding the key in his hand is of course the one who takes over the dominant part and thus decides when it is time to open the lock and the belt can be stored. To find variations of chastity devices, click here.

Can the Chastity Belt be Opened after Losing the Key?

If the supplied key disappears somehow there is no reason to panic. If there is a reason to open the lock quickly without a key or just get away from the conclusions, it can easily be ripped open by hand. It is not very safe, not even if it is made of metal.

With a strong pull, the inner bar breaks, so you do not have to use any tools when you are near the men’s Crown Jewels.

Even if the lock itself is not so secure, it is still a powerful agent in the fetish area. In and of itself, it is only suitable as a symbolic castle, because you have the key to it and therefore can rule over your orgasm.

How Long can you Wear a Chastity Belt?

How long can you keep your partner? In principle, he can wear the belt indefinitely. As long as it does not get uncomfortable for him, the game can be continued for many hours – even for days. There are also other considerations you should think about before using a chastity cage, like setting goals and safety.

However, should your partner experience some discomfort while wearing, the belt should be removed immediately. In that case the size could be wrong and this can be really uncomfortable for the penis.

It is of course very different for what exactly you use the chastity belt. Some couples just want a brief use during foreplay, whereas other couples use the belt for longer pleasure, where orgasm is denied as part of the dominant game. Tap together slowly and try out what and how long it feels best for you.

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