The great thing about the love swing is not only that you have free access to the mouth and intimate area of ??your partner – you also have both hands free and you can also use them lustfully and imaginatively.

Likewise, you are free to control the pace to your taste – whether fast or rather slow and intense: the first test, you will quickly find out what suits you best. In the practical test, the love swing has turned out to be an extremely creative love toy that also serves well when things get tough.

The prerequisite is that the love swing is properly secured – not only the resilience of the love swing itself, but also the attachment to the ceiling or the door frame should be observed at the various positions. For swing owners, who like and often get a visit from the circle of friends – love swings which are available at Cumswingwithme, can usually be uncomplicated and easy to remove and stow away from prying eyes in the closet or in the drawer.

By the way: If you treat your love swing well and know the tips on keeping your sex swing/sling hidden, you will enjoy it for a long time. Most models are designed for long-term use – but should also be maintained accordingly. Depending on the preferred positions, thorough cleaning after each use is a matter of course. Depending on the material used, a leather or plastic care is also beneficial and significantly extends the life of the individual components.

The Internet and specialized shops offer a diverse selection of interesting and stimulating accessories for the common love game . Special experiences offer so-called strap on dildos as well as love swings, which open up completely new possibilities for joint sex with both partners. Even love lounges can provide for sex erotic change. If you are interested in new experiences then you are in the right place, so read on.

The strap on for the erotic role reversal

A strap on dildo is a dildo to which straps are attached so that the woman can also enjoy a penis. Strap on are part of the shared love game of heterosexual couplesbut are also very interesting for lesbian couples who want variety and maybe want to discover their male side during sex. Strap ons are available with either a dildo attached to the outside for the penetration of the partner or the partner, as well as with an additional dildo, which the wearer of the strap can introduce himself. Such versions are then also without additional effort, since they are then held solely by the vagina. So both partners can enjoy the same penetration. Strap on dildos are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, the selection is really big and so every pair is guaranteed to find the perfect sex accessory for hot nights together.

The love swing – for stimulating highs

The love swing, also called sex swing or simply sling, is a versatile helper for common sexual adventures. It usually consists of a leather or similar lying surface and is attached to the ceiling with chains or ropes, so that it is in one for vaginal and anal penetration as well as oral sexcomfortable position.

However, there are also many designs that consist only of straps, in which the partner can then put in it. The passive partner lies down on her and can be spoiled by the active partner devoted, because the love swing makes all body parts easily accessible through their special attachment. By eliminating one’s own body weight, new positions that seem impossible in bed can be tried out and one literally floats towards the climax.

Love to swing can be used in many ways, it is available both for wall or ceiling mounting, as well as with frame, so that they can theoretically in any place that provides enough space can be built. This proves especially for the common vacation in the hotel or in other places, where you do not want to give up on this enjoyment, as very convenient. Love swings are suitable for couples, who are on equal sex play, as well as for theBDSM area, as it also has loops for attaching arms and legs.


The love lounge

For couples who enjoy special sex with many different positions and also Kama sutra, a sex lounge, or a love lounger, is recommended. These pieces of furniture are designed to look like ordinary designer pieces of furniture at first glance and therefore find their place in every living room. At the same time, their special shape provides perfect support for exceptional sexual experiences. They allow lying with the upper or lower body at the perfect height for a pleasant and less strenuous penetrationthrough the partner, but also give the different positions of the Kamasutra new spice and are therefore for experimental couples an absolute recommendation.

They are available in the standard version, as an elegantly curved designer piece of wipeable leather in desired colors, but also for the BDSM area with rings on the sides for hot bondage fun for two. In addition to the love lounge, love armchairs and love pillows are also available, with the latter in particular being very handy and therefore easily diverted and used elsewhere. However, they all aim to increase the passion, enjoyment and fun of having sex and to give both partners unforgettable moments.

The selection is great and something suitable quickly found

From tender to hard, the sex furniture presented here offers a variety of options for every couple. And also for physically handicapped people, they are recommended by the comfortable and pleasant reclining possibilities. What you ultimately choose should depend on your needs and those of your partner, because the purchase of such a supplement should give the shared love life new facets and give new spice.


The love swing test was a complete success. We have experienced more than we dared to hope for. Everyone should try it out. It brings a lot of new stimuli into the lovemaking, can be adapted arbitrarily and is a great experience for both parties. The freedom you enjoy through the free-floating position is really cool. It looks funny at first, but you have to hide that then I can almost promise you a super great experience. You get the tested love swing for about 100 dollars currently available on the online shopping websites.

Author: angrypanda292


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