The vast majority of women are concerned about keeping the skin of the face and body firm, but we rarely think of vaginal flaccidity as a problem that may occur over time. The good news is that it can be prevented and even reversed, so we present some natural remedies to keep your intimate area firm and beautiful.

The vagina, like the rest of our skin, is made of collagen fibers. Certain factors affect these fibers, causing a distension of the tissues, which are overstretched. Childbirth, for example, is a factor that can cause this problem. In addition, with the passage of time, the body produces less collagen and when it decreases, both the skin and the vaginal walls lose tone and elasticity.

Vaginal flaccidity causes a decrease in sensitivity, directly affecting the sensation of pleasure and satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Now you should have a introduction to urethral play.

Avoid vaginal flaccidity with these 6 simple tips

Check these simple and natural tips to tighten the vaginal walls and preserve the tone:

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is super effective to help regenerate tissues and nourish them. It is also ideal to combat dryness and irritation. Cut a piece of aloe vera gel and apply to the vulva. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse.


Also known as Scottish elm, witch hazel is widely used in firming facial lotions and is very easy to find in health food stores. Prepare water with this herb and wash your intimate parts with it to contract the tissues.This is what happens to your vagina if you do not have sex.


To take advantage of the properties of this berry in your intimate area you should boil 200 gr. of black currants in half a liter of water until they fall apart. Allow the preparation to cool, strain and keep the liquid in a bottle for douching. Rinse your private parts with this remedy every time you take a bath.

Curcuma comosa

This herb is a natural toner that in addition to preventing and fighting vaginal flaccidity, protects against future prolapsed of the walls, improves lubrication and relieves premenstrual symptoms.

Kegel exercises

These exercises are the maximum to tone the vaginal walls. They also serve to prevent uterine prolapsed, urinary incontinence, strengthen muscles for childbirth and increase satisfaction during sex, among other things.Kegel exercises that you should practice to give yourself more sexual pleasure.

Although vaginal flaccidity is more frequent in women over 40 years of age, twenty-year-olds are not exempt and it is never too early to prevent it.

The Kegel exercises

They are ideal to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and increase pleasure. The idea is to make them daily, in the morning and at night, and do three sets of 20 repetitions.

  • Sit on a chair and spread your legs about 20 centimeters. In this position it contracts the muscles of the vagina as if you squeezed something inside it. Count to three and relax.
  • In the same position, it contracts and relaxes the vaginal muscles quickly. Try to keep the rhythm similar to that of a shaken breath.
  • Lie down, place your arms along your body and flex your legs. In this position, it contracts the buttocks and slowly raises the hip. Slowly return to the starting position and relax the gluts.
  • Standing and with your legs slightly bent, place your hands on your waist and leave your feet in parallel separated by 20 or 30 centimeters. It contracts the internal parts of the vagina and moves the pelvis forward and upward. Count to three and relax.
  • Standing, with your arms relaxed, separate your feet. Contract the gluts as much as you can. Count to three and relax.

Maybe at the beginning it’s hard for you to move the vaginal muscles, but they say practice makes perfect. If you perform this routine every day, you will notice positive results quickly.

Remember that your sexual health is key to see you and feel good.Sexual power does not only depend on how seductive, agile and expert we are at the moment of the encounter; Our abilities also have to do with the strengthening of certain areas beyond the external: our pelvic and vaginal areas.

To strengthen them,experts list a series of exercises that will intensify your pleasure and that of your partner. Reveal what are the best exercises to strengthen your vagina, ready to start?

Let’s start with the Kegel exercises, which should be done with 10 repetitions three times a day.

Exercises to improve your sexual stamina

These are not only excellent for women; Men will also see great benefits if they practice them!It’s time to know what the secrets to enjoy your sexuality to the fullest are.



  • When you go to urinate, stop the fluid and then let it flow; this way you will detect which muscles you should exercise.
  • Sit and with your legs about 20 centimeters apart, squeeze these muscles, count to 3 and relax. Each day, you must increase the contraction time until you reach 10.
  • Equally in the chair, it contracts and relaxes quickly; help yourself with the rhythm of your breathing.
  • Lying down, introduce one or two fingers into the vagina and try to tighten them as much as possible ; If there is not enough pressure, do it with two. (If you want to experience more in your hot encounters and exercise at the same time, try introducing Chinese balls instead of your fingers)
  • This time, you will introduce one or two fingers and try to suck them; Count 3 and loose. The continuity will make this step easier. The Chinese balls will also be of great help.

Benefits: Your orgasms will be more intense and, in addition, you will give more pleasure to your penis. Just like how gives you stimulation.

10 keys to improve your sexual performance: For the men

  • You must insert a finger into the rectum and tighten the muscles as if containing urine.Benefits: The base of the pelvic muscles will be strengthened to have more performance and control the ejaculation. It is very useful for those who suffer erectile dysfunction.To complete the advantages, we will exercise your pelvic area in three sets of 15 or 20 repetitions daily:
  • On a yoga mat, face up and feet on the floor, flex the legs apart at shoulder height and arms along the body. Contract the gluteus and, little by little, go up the hip until it is supported on feet and shoulders. Slow down and relax.
  • Now standing, spread your legs 20 or 30 centimeters and with your hands at the waist, contract the vaginal muscles and move the pelvis forward and lift it a little; Count to 3 and relax.

You’re still standing; now, contract your butt and try to join them as much as possible, count 3 and relax. So, contract the vagina and release to the rhythm of your breathing. And while brushing your teeth, you wait for the bus or another activity like that of everyday, contract and release, because it is so simple, that you can do it without anyone noticing.

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