Most women for regular sex need to trust a partner.

What can we say about anal?

You should not experiment with someone who does not allow you to relax or wants to do everything quickly instead of giving in to the symptom of a guy who isn’t turned on. After all, the desire itself is able to dismiss fears and reduce the pain threshold. The most comfortable posture for parting with anal virginity is doggie-style: the woman is on her knees, the man is kneeling down as much as possible, and the man is kneeling behind her showing dominance. You should know that dominance can be verbal.

What do you need to know?

There are some mandatory factors of anal training that you need to know:

  1. The anus does not release lubricant and does not have the elasticity of the vagina; a man must enter the anus gradually so that the muscles of the anus are sufficiently relaxed. This rule always works, and not only in the case when it comes to anal virginity.
  1. A condom is a prerequisite for anal sex because the risk of getting an infection or AIDS during anal sex is significantly higher than with genital because the walls of the anus are easily injured and the infection quickly penetrates the blood even monogamous couples should not share bacteria; the presence of sperm in the anus can cause irritation of the rectum; we cannot forget about such non-standard cases, like getting sperm from the anus into the vagina, yet they are close.
  1. If you are simultaneously practicing regular sex and anal, the condom needs to be changed. These are two different environments. What an incredible business opportunity for the manufacturers!
  1. For anal sex, there are special stronger condoms.

Anal virginity: why leave?

Just as on cigarette packs they write that smoking is life-threatening, so we want to warn you about some of the pitfalls that this kind of sex holds in us, in some circles, it is called perverted. So, to influence your decision, whether to lose anal virginity or do standing up oral, the following factors can:

  1. After anal sex on the mucous membrane may remain cracks and tears, until the next time they will either heal or become chronic, and then go into a stage of ulcers or even hemorrhoids
  1. With active anal stimulation, the sphincter that retains gas and feces may stretch or rupture
  1. The first experience of anal sex is unlikely to be painless. Therefore, it is not necessary for the first time to go too far. Easy penetration, by the way, contributes to the abundance of lubricant. So control this moment. It is better to spend more time on the learning process than to recall anal sex with a shudder. In the future, you will be able to let go of your fear and learn to relax your muscles. And there is already close to pleasure.

Anal Chastity

You do not need a chastity belt or other device to lock your penis. Although practice and believe that it is awesome. However, you should not jerk for at least 10 days, especially if this is your first time.

Hygiene Make you a deep enema, at least three times. Shave all hair from your anus and make sure it is clean just as much as Playboy is in the process of reinventing itself. Objects entering the hole will pull your hair and it will not be comfortable.

Choose the right weapon. For it a realistic dildo works better. And its shape is very important! Look at this picture.

Do not poke it as if you are trying to deliver a powerful blow. In place of this, with the head of the phaloimitator, massage it. Do not forget about the constant pressure on the prostate. Forget about your dick. Don’t even touch it. Right now, only one member matters, and this is not the one that sticks between your legs.

Relax: There is absolutely no need to hurry. You have no other place to go right now. It is very important that you gently examine your ass with plenty of lubricant until you reach a soft penetration that will not cause inconvenience. Fuck yourself for a while and don’t think about how much time has passed. Turn on and watch some anal porn. Imagine yourself in it and trying to instill that you could end up from fucking in the ass. Remember: this is awesome sex, and an orgasm basically occurs in your brain.

The correct position: while started practicing anal masturbation regularly, it was easier for me to finish in the pose of “cancer”. But each person is individual.

Do not be lazy to fuck you:  Some people insert a dildo, play with their pussies for a few hours and expect a miracle. This is a wrong idea, in expert opinion; you should keep up the pace and constantly work.

Practice: It took over a year to learn this. Do not despair if this turns out to be not working. Give your ass a few days to rest and try again and remember nothing should hurt. If it hurts that you are doing something wrong, and should stop.

Anal Sex can be both cool and nightmarish

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The result depends solely on the knowledge and preparedness of the partners. Take the process into your own hands and follow the guide of 20 useful tips for women as a host. Refuse without regrets if you are not satisfied with something. You are hurt, scared, bored, or you simply do not want to engage in anal sex in general or right now you are not obliged to explain, much less argue for the other side. No it is not, who does not understand, goes to the well that is, is removed from the list of contacts in your phone.

Categories of men who are safe for their ass to be safe for peace of mind and physical health: refusing to do the same for themselves trying to stick without prior discussion requiring shows on porn standards. Throw those away. They are dangerously predictable and can ruin even the most traditional sex with a consumer attitude.

The first experiments begin with a long relaxing foreplay. Rimming oral and anal caress is loved by many, especially if it is accompanied by the partner’s warming, rhythmic exhalations right there. The back door has a lot of nerve endings, and it’s quite easy to create pleasant sensations. Just keep in mind that this type of contact is one of the ways of transmitting hepatitis A. If you and your partner are not vaccinated and have never been tested for hepatitis, use licking simulators.

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