Penis extenders have been around for a while. People have been looking for ways to increase their penis size for ages. It’s nothing new, and there are countless different methods available. 

Some are effective, and others aren’t. Here, we will take a look at penile extenders and what you need to know before you decide to try them out yourself.

Penis extenders and penis pumps are two very different creatures

Starting from the beginning, we need to address the difference between penis extenders and pumps. Penis pumps are medical devices designed to improve erections. The very nature of pumps is to battle erectile dysfunction. While many people claim it can increase the length (or girth) of the penis, it is not the truth.

Of course, the device will indeed increase the size of the penis. But, it is only temporary. Once the erection is gone, so will be the impressive-looking size. 

Pumps use the vacuum to pull the blood into the penis, which will lead to better erections. Now, penile extenders, on the other hand, have a different role. Their job is to affect the size of the penis, as well as the shape. 

Another great difference between the two is that extenders are for flaccid penises and never for erect ones. Since penis pumps are used to create an erection, the difference between the two is more than obvious. 

If you want a legit penis extender, you have to see a doctor first

Since we already touched on the differences between pumps and extenders, you can get a penis pump in nearly any pharmacy or sex shop. When it comes to extenders, it isn’t something that you can simply purchase, and you will need to talk to your doctor before you can get one. 

Penile extenders are strictly medical devices, which means that you won’t be able to find them in your local sex shop. One of the reasons why this is the case is that extenders can create problems and damage your private parts if used incorrectly. 

There is a reason why this device exists, and the best possible course of action would be to consult a professional. Needless to say, there aren’t many men that would be against a few extra inches. But using an extender on your own might be a bad idea.

Their main function is to correct peyronie’s disease

The primary reason why penile extenders exist is to treat Peyronie’s disease. What is this disease, you might ask? Peyronie’s disease is a condition that causes scar tissue on the penis. As a result, a person will have a curved penis with painful erections. Now, having penile curvatures is quite normal, as long as you are not experiencing any problems or painful erections. 

It is still unknown why this condition might happen, and it usually manifests in middle-aged men. Needless to say, having painful erections will make it nearly impossible to have sex, and it might cause problems with stress and anxiety. 

This is why penis stretchers are used. The idea behind them is to stretch the penis and increase penis size. Now, this is another reason why someone might be interested in this stretching device. Many men are unsatisfied with the size of their penis, and having a small penis can cause many problems. Besides obvious stress and self-esteem issues, it can also cause health problems like infections and problems with urinating. 

Penis extenders are plastic devices that are worn along the penis

The logic behind penis enlarger or extender is simple. There are two plastic or silicone rings, and they go on the penis. They are located on each end of your member. The cradle goes as far as it can down the shaft, while the second one is on the tip. 

As we mentioned before, the device is used when the penis is flaccid to avoid any kind of damage to the penis or blood vessels. Eventually, the idea is to increase the distance between two rings and stretch the penis. 

In theory, it will stretch the penis, making it bigger during erections. Now, the extender can’t affect the girth of the penis, and it can only increase the length. It is a noninvasive technique, and the wearer should keep it on for a couple of hours each day, repeating it for a few months. 

While the studies are rare, they show that a person using the extender can increase the length of the penis by a couple of centimeters. 

Penis extenders can cause damage when not worn correctly

There are a couple of side effects you need to be aware of if you plan on using the stretcher. Firstly, it might cause damage to the skin and blood vessels if pushed to the limits. The best-case scenario would be mild skin irritation. However, it can also lead to fractures if the person is trying to stretch too much. 

Since the idea is to wear the extender every day for half a year or more, you need to be careful. Naturally, the device is a lot safer than other invasive methods like chemicals and operations, but you still need to be careful when using it.  We advise that you get quality penis extenders from, to ensure that what  you wear is of quality.

The best option would be to consult your doctor and follow their advice. The extenders are pretty safe and harmless if you use them correctly, so just be careful. There is no reason to risk your health for another extra centimeter since it might create a counter effect. If you really are in a rush, you can use a strap-on over your penis to pleasure your partner.

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